Collect Silver, Gold, and Diamond Coins to Earn Zubees

Zubee Zone Claim Prize

Zubee is the currency of zubee zone, what you can use for purchasing items and convert to cash too and YOU CAN JOIN HERE.

1. Surfing on the zubee zone participated traffic exchanges for collecting zubee coins.
2. Finding zubees by doing several other stuffs.
3. By recruiting friends.
Redeemed your cash, prizes, and products on the Zubee Zone marketplace. Login Today and Claim your Silver Coin!
zubee claim coin
This is of course on top of the Zubees you get when claiming, which can be redeemed for cash, prizes, and products on the Zubee Zone marketplace.
zubee zone
You can collect the Orange, Red, and Blue Mystery Jackpots can be won anytime on the new Mystery Prize!
zubee mystery prize claim

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